What it means to be Eco Chic

Eco "Chicism"- A lifestyle which focuses on health, comfort, style, community, and cost savings.  Rather than a fad that will ride a wave suddenly to crash "out of style"; Eco "Chicism" is unique.  It is an organic style; one which will never cease to evolve.  My clients do not put un-necessary pressures on themselves when it comes to selling their home and looking to purchase becuase of their Eco-Shic perspective.  They understand that Eco-Chic is not an aesthetic it is a mindset, attitude, and lifestlye.  Unlike velvet paper, Eco-Shic will never be labeled as undesirable and untrendy.  This is because what we are talking about is not a "thing" it is a value.  A value so powerful it can change lives, communities, and the world.  It is a value spreading like wild fire through large corporations, home builders, legislation, and so much more.  Focusing on such values is what my clients beleive in.  They want to be the change and feel apart of something meanigful.  My clients know that that there is not an action too small, and that thier priorites in Eco "Chicism" will evolve as they do.   Eco Chic is not what my clients do it is who they are.  They are not distracted my minuscule fads; they stand strong with their beleifs that small ripples make big waves. 

I am blessed to have the opportnity to meet, advocate, educate, negotiate, and match-make!  While there are many complicated things in life, choosing the lifestyle of a Eco Chic trendsetter does not fall under that category.  It is quite the opposite.  Anyone, and everyone, can have an Eco Chic lifestlye. I mean who wouldn't want to embrace cost savings, comfortable healthy living, and community impact? 

So, what will Eco "Chicism" mean to you?

-Save money on operational costs

-Comfortable healthy living

-Trend Setting

-Conserving energy and water resources 

-Exhibit a greater uderstanding of home ownership and community

-Sustainable sourcing 

-Expression of values

-Cash grants


-Tax deductions

-Command a price premuim when time to sell 

-Maintain value in down markets

-Reucing carbon foot print 

-Range of options and cost levels based on your lifestlye

And so much more.... 


Katie Greenman, REALTOR®, GREEN