Katie Greenman



Health, Purpose, Community

About Katie Greenman

Committed to the best interest of her clients, Katie is highly focused on providing the
professional performance they each deserve.
Being a team member at Birdy Properties, she is supported by helpful, knowledgeable, and
experienced real estate consultants that provide guidance and expertise on all aspects of the industry.
Discussing inventory, relevant rent values, marketing strategies, negotiation tactics, and area market
analysis with clients is a critical component of her business model.
It is extremely important to Katie that each client feels confident in their decisions.
Katie's vision statement is aligned to that of Birdy Properties, "helping renters become property owners,
property owners to investors, and expand investors’ portfolios."
Seven years as a sales and service professional has shown Katie the importance of open and honest
communication, respect for clients’ time, and teamwork.
Katie has a Bachelors of Applied Science in Organizational Leadership and an Associates of Arts Degree
in History.
She enjoys being a part of the San Antonio Volunteer buddies, TreeFolks Young Professionals in Austin,
Austin climbing group, and the New Braunfels Junior Chamber of Commerce.
In addition to volunteering, Katie loves the water, mountains, exercising, and talking about all things
related to traveling (p.s. she is also a travel agent).